Mario Toledo

Full Stack Developer, Computer Scientist and Gaming Lover

About me

Hello, my name is Mario, and I work professionally with software development for more than 10 years. Currently, I'm focused on Web Development using Mean Stack, but I also have professional experience with Apps, Games and other more corporative software.

I'm also a Computer Scientist and currently a M.S Computer Engineering Student, with published papers on cientific events. My current studies involves Machine Learning, Big Data, Computer Vision and Microservices.

And, oh... I really like Pokémon! <3

My Squirtle t-shirt (drawn by Kyuu) My Squirtle t-shirt (drawn by Kyuu)

Personal Projects



Your favorite gaming streamer. Anytime. Anywhere.

Streamow brings the most famous gaming stream platforms into a unique catalog focused on user experience to recommend the best streamers and games for viewers. Also, Streamow is available for browsers, Android and iPhone (soon), so users can receive notifications when their favorite streamer is online whenever they are. A recommendation algorithm was also implemented for accurate recommendations.

Streamow has an API made using Express and Front-End made using Node and Angular JS for Browser version, while mobile versions were made using Ionic Framework.

This is a collab project, where UI and UX were made by Thais Tarmann

Browser version Android version
Estação 64

Estação 64

Podcast about games and japanese pop culture

Estação 64 brings weekly podcasts dedicated to electronic games and japanese pop culture in a fun and informative way, using the best of young language to make the viewer feel inside a casual conversation between friends.

The project contains a CMS and an API built with Meteor for episodes creation and retrieval, while the front-end was build using Node and Hapi JS.

I'm also one of the hosters and editor of most of episodes.

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Estação 64

Every video-game anniversary displays video-games anniversaries in a more visual and interesting way, allowing users to discover the games which are celebrating anniversary on the current day or on any desired date. Also, it is possible to filter by any platform the user wishes.

The project was built with Express JS and Vue JS, using Giantbomb API to adquire the game's database.

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Estação 64

N-Party Connect

A network for Nintendo fans

N-Party Connect used to be a network for Nintendo fans created in 2013. Users could create an account to join ranked championships, meet and talk to other users, profile customization and even use amazing widgets like Pokémon Friend Safari Finder

The project was made using .NET technology and MSSql Server alongside with Eixo X's Jetfuel framework to help with persistence and usecases creation.

Currently, N-Party Connect is no longer active, but I have made it open-source so you can check it's code on Github's repository

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Some of my projects on Github

Other Projects

Some of my projects from my Github

Professional Experience

2Mundos Inc. (nov/2016 - current)

Full-stack development using mainly Javascript for back-end and front-end, alongside with technologies and frameworks like Node, Angular, Meteor, Ionic, and MongoDB.

Eixo X (aug/2013 - nov/2016)

Software development over several technologies, from web projects to native apps, using C#, Java, Objective-C and Javascript, alongside with technologies like MSSql Server, MySql, Node and more.

Glambox Brasil (feb/2013 - aug/2013)

Web development for an e-commerce using .NET, MS Sql Server and more. Helped on several internal solutions, building content management systems, stock systems, subscription systems and more.

Digital Pages (feb/2011 - feb/2013)

Software development of native applications on iOS using Objective-C. Mostly of apps were digital readers for famous magazines and newspaper from Brazil, like Folha de S. Paulo, Caras, Valor Econômico and more.

Insolita Studios (oct/2010 - fev/2011)

Development of games using C# and Unity engine. Also helped to create a framework for 2D development on Unity.

IBM (nov/2008 - jul/2010)

Software Development of corporatative projects using ASP, COBOL and Oracle Database. Also helped on software requirements and requirements elicitation.

Academic Experience


Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas do Estado de São Paulo (IPT-SP)
Master's Degree, Computer Engineering
Centro Universitário Senac
Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science


24 de mai de 2018
15th CONTECSI - International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management ISSN 2448-1041

This work presents a research’s result that had the objective of analyzing the data of car robbery in São Paulo in a certain set of days, in order to identify a pattern among the robberies events presents in the data sample. For this, data were obtained from the São Paulo State Government’s Transparency Portal and then the K-Means and Apriori algorithms were applied to classify and group them.

5 de out de 2015
WVC 2015. XI Workshop de Visão Computacional. p. 89

This work presents the results of using an Android phone as a control unit for a Lego NXT Robot. The smartphone’s camera and superior processing power where compared to the NXT CPU enable the application of some computer vision techniques in the control of the robot.